Profit Sharing Program

We are the only technology company that’s offers a 30% profit sharing program that supports; Businesses, Entrepreneur, Associations, Organizations, Schools, affiliations and local communities. Our virtual interactive communication platform is a technology that allows you to chat in real time, Share Image/Photos , Share Videos, Post Testimonials, Market Products, Create Podcasts and webinars all from your branded platform. 

Many established platforms jeopardize the users privacy by not utilizing a VPN solution. User calls can be listened to by third parties  and video conference calls can be accessed and recorded. We pride privacy, privacy, privacy.

A turnkey on-demand technology solution, fast to market with your own brand.

We provide a quality platform for business owners and organizations of all types  to network with privacy using their own virtual conference.

Very easy program


We will provide you with your own Branded directory platform.


You then introduce your new Communication marketing platform to your members, supports, agents affiliates, etc.


They Subscribe at $5.95 or $19.95


Non Members at $109.95 and up


You receive Monthly Profit Share

Branded Communication and Collaboration Platform


VPN Audio Conference

Enable you to conference with only audio with optional screen share features like a group voice call


VPN Video Conference

Enables you to conference with others with audio and video with optional screen sharing features.


VPN Webinar

Enables you to stream yourself live with video and audio with optional screen sharing feature


VPN Live Classes

Enables you to stream live with audio and video , where you can see and hear anyone , but they can see and hear only you , not each other.


VPN Podcast

Enables you to stream your audio live with others who invited. They can only hear our voice over audio stream. 


Plus More

Monthly Revenue Example 

*5K Subscribers at $19.99 per month  = $100k per month

*5K Subscribers at $5.99 per month  = $29k per month

Virtual Brand Marketing (B2B, C2B, B2C)

(1)The UMYO 30%  profit sharing program is for potential partners that will introduce their branded directory to potential subscribers. The subscribers will register to be listed in your virtual  directory and they will have access to the communication platform. ( Real Time Communication & Collaboration Platform) Video, Audio and Screen Sharing Communication, and Live Chat features.